March 30, 2021

G i r l s w r i t e s h i t

volume II, SS 2020 | consumption

for the marginalized creative

“What is the true determinant of joy.” Ama Akoto. she/her (2021).

“Leftovers.” Jamie Gemini, she/her (2021).

“Notes to Self.” Nosalina Omorogieva, she/her/hers (2021).

“Shadow Work.” Talya Whyte. (2021).

“Bloodcurse.” Sage Forest. (2021).

“Flowers.” Mia Glionna, she/her (2021).

“the empire is falling,” chapter one. Amy David, she/her (2021).

“Untitled.” Andri, they/them (2021).

“Sweet Revenge.” Kimia Yousefpour, she/her (2021).

“Hunger.” Sam V., she/they (2021).

“"A tale of two Trials.” N’dea Johnson. she/her (2021).