“Niggas en Vogue.” Sage Forest, (2020).

March 30, 2021
"Niggas en Vogue."

[Drawing, tombow brush markers and strathmore artist tile]

Statement: When I started drawing these forms (I’ve made a lot),  there were two things on my mind. One, I needed to make something that I could color. The coronavirus was starting to peak, and my mom wanted me home. Back in LA from my apartment in NY, I needed something to keep my mind away from unemployment and spending more time on my mother’s couch than I had in over four years. Two, Black women don’t get afforded opportunities to appreciate how good every single color looks on our skin. From younger ages, bright colors are frowned upon; lightness and colors that hide rather than accentuate Blackness are preferred, our bodies are told they are wrong in every way, but fuck that. Look how good this bitch looks against that yellow.

IG: sagestop

Twitter: sageisaplant