"Angry Black Womxn." Bianca Brown, (2019).

January 27, 2020

To the point.
Matter of fact.

Yet you choose the word “angry”
Associate my form of communication with hostility
White boy.
I do not owe you a smile.
I do not owe you pleasantry
when I am communicating professionally
When I am stating matters of situations devoid of any actual emotion
If you are not sitting at my table, I will not deliver you any food to eat.
White boy.
I do not owe you my words sautéed with caramelized sugar.
I am coy but still cordial
I will answer the door, but you will not be invited inside
As a form of protection & preserving the sanctity within my life.
The world may spoon feed you opportunities, white boy
but you will never get that satisfaction from me.
I speak with intention - very upfront, straight to the point
no excess sugar sprinkled on for taste
Keep it on a need to know, everything you need to know
shout out to my Capricorn mercury, the reason i’m perceived so cold
My matter of fact you take to be demanding
My responses to your attacks highlight your insecurities
When you realize your faux power has no affect over me
You descend from a line of people whose entire existence is made of nothing but blind fury
Yet you feel so entitled to label my frank disposition as one of ferocity.

You break me off & paint me real nice, white boy, to set me & my people into an incorporeal box.
“Angry black womxn”, they say, with their fists clenched & their jaws locked.
“Angry black womxn, she has nothing intelligible, nothing credible to say”
Stigmatize with your inability to analyze any tone shy of kissing your pale assholes
You are not fit to be in power, you will never amount to anything even remotely as important & dignified as the existence of black womxn.
Of black people.
Well traveled yet your racism shows
When you verbally attack a black womxn for not giving you more than the bare minimum,
“They used to serve us,” you think, “They cannot get away with treating us as equals”.
You were born into hatred
No matter how many countries you fly to, your Instagram rants on equality do not make you a martyr, When you are merely a sequel
to the deeply rooted white supremacist foundation from which you come from.
Date as many womxn of colour as you please, it will never distract from the fact that hatred will always coagulate anytime you are to bleed
You bleed
& the true colour of what you’re made of will always show.

You are violence epitomized, these situations will never be simple or isolated.
Grow a back bone, fix that aggressive tone, & quit projecting your insecurities onto black womxn as an attempt to keep your weaknesses from being seen.
Because YOU are the angry one
Not me.

& speaking on behalf of entire cultures, basing your accreditation to do so"

IG: brokebackbianca