"Untitled." Andri, (2019).

March 30, 2021

[digital media, mixed animation]

This work is unconventional because it possesses characteristics associated with cartoons and anime, which are not really renowned as “high art” especially under the western lens. This style of art invokes a type of nostalgia for the late 90’s to 2000’s internet culture that features effects from old school websites  such as Blingee. Using this technique and posting it on contemporary sites like Instagram and Twitter shows the juxtaposition of the modern, simplistic, and sleek graphics that grew from those that were pretty, sparkly, and playful. 

I have learned a lot by regressing back to old drawings that I used to do, of anime characters that I grew up with. I believe that many people are scared of growth, because they are afraid of losing touch with certain parts of themselves. I used to be one of those people, and I often try to recall pieces of who I was through art that I used to make and music that I used to listen to. I’m slowly relearning that growth is never a linear process and I am not one-dimensional. Referring back to art I fell in love with in the past is still as important as discovering new art in the future. With this piece, I combined the old style I used to draw in and incorporated it with the more advanced skills that I know now, to evolve artistically.

IG: 80lovesong
Twitter: 80slovesongs