“But We Don’t Work.” Lynzie Glover, (2019).

March 30, 2021
"But We Don't Work."

you                          you sometimes touch my feet while we're talking

                               (I love that you do that.)

                                 You like to caress my face or run your fingers over my hair when you think I'm asleep.

                                 You kissed me on my collarbone once and made me gasp for air mid sentence

                                You really like my butt.

                                 I know this because you tole me...a couple times.

                                You once pulled up Game of Thrones on your phone so we could stay in bed together

                                despite the fact that you had this big flat screen in your living room.

                                 You like my face.

                                 You point out all the freckles, all the moles, my eyelashes.

                                 You like to tell me about them when I’m laying my head down in your lap

                                 Like my face is a constellation or an intricately painted canvas.

                                 You told me you’d only cook for your wife,

                                 but we often went grocery shopping and made breakfast together.

                                 We sang “My girl” by the Temptations in the middle of a Ralphs aisle

me                            You know me well particularly when it comes to card games

                                where you have to answer “who is most likely to…”

                                 You fidget and say “what?” when you want me to kiss you.

                                  You like to point out how my heart races when you lay your head on my chest

                                  (It’s embarrassing.)

                                  You know how often I think about you.

                                   You know how much I love you even when I tell you that I hate you.

                                  I think you could’ve fallen in love with me

                                  if you let yourself.

                                  But We Don’t Work.

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