“Love.” Dom Troupe, (2020).

June 19, 2020


Lets talk about me…

I always admired you from a distance

I didn’t truly know what it’d be like to have you 

so the dreams I had of you were never complete

I thought of you…constantly

wanting. yearning for your presence

I saw you everywhere,

so much that I couldn’t ever get you off my mind

But I barely knew you

and because of this I painted an image of you 

that wasn’t real

an image of you that was so perfect that it 

was toxic to me…

And so I gave up on you

But Lets talk about you…

And how amazing you are.. not the image I painted of you before but the actual you..

The raw and uncut truth of you

the you that is so different with everyone 

because you make each connection so personal

You changed my mind 

A mind that I thought had been made up

You taught me what it means to be cared for but more importantly what it means to care for myself

You have shown me how to build bridges and how to be open minded

but most of all you helped me realize the importance of forgiveness.

You looked so good from afar, but you look even better now that you are in my life… Now that you are my life.

It sounds crazy but everything I am now is because of you.

which brings me to the we

and oooooh the we

yeah it sounds exciting right?

yes we’re the duo now

and when they see me your name always comes up

I hype you up and you hype me ,we hype each other 

together we’re just so passionate

And when I’m sad you remind me of all the reasons I should smile

we’re so intertwined you’ve permanently left a Mark

 I just` love… oops I think I slipped your name 

But even if they think they heard me say it, it doesn’t mean they know about you…

You are 


Learning to understand those around you

You are 


Offering your knowledge in hopes of making a difference

You are 


Valuing your worth and seeing that value in others

You are


You are