June 25, 2020

G i r l s w r i t e s h i t

volume II, SS 2020 | enchantment

for the marginalized creative

“Edit.” Kajsa Palacios, she/her/hers (2020).

“The Gemini.” Jessica Jackson, she/her/hers (2020).

“Driving Down I-85.” Kailah Trice, she/her/hers (2020).

“Untitled.” Andri, they/them (2020).

“Love.” Dom Troupe, she/her/hers (2020).

“Lonesome.” Pamela Abeka, she/her/hers (2020).

“LUV URSELF.” Lady Picasso, she/her/hers (2020).

“names have been kept for privacy.” Zoë Jones, she/her/hers (2020).

“Dark Skin. Sweeter Pigment.” Zi Todd, they/them (2020).

“Mirrors.” Autumn Sylve, she/her/hers (2020).

“Silver linings in a chaotic world/ it’s the little things.” Cierra Black, she/her/hers (2020).

“Holy Skin.” Sage Forest, she/her/hers (2020).

“Untitled.” Eiress Wicks, she/her/hers (2020).

“Prompts (for college graduates who’ve forgotten how to write.)” Graciela Barada, she/her/hers (2020).

“Untitled.” Sydne Joelle, she/her/hers (2020). 

“Black  Magic.” Mikhael Johnson, he/they (2020)

“Niggas en Vogue.” Sage Forest, she/her/hers (2020).

“This House has People in it.” Donozziyae McCray, she/her/they (2020).