“Silver linings in a chaotic world/ it’s the little things” Cierra Black, (2020).

June 19, 2020

Silver linings in a chaotic world/ it’s the little things

In the midst of what may feel like an everlasting limbo

As the world holds its breath, in fear and apprehension

As time ceases to hold meaning anymore,

and you wonder why it was ever so important to begin with

I think of the little things,

keeping me anchored to reality.

Providing tranquility and optimism

even if momentarily,

They remind me to count the good as much as I count the bad:

A stranger in public, erupting from infectious laughter

The first sunny day after rainy season

Children in saturday school, drawing, following writing prompts,

animated because, for once,

they see themselves reflected in the visions they consume.

The joy of seeing yourself, 

I mean really seeing yourself, 

in what you’re learning.

Enjoying my favorite season, where the nights are still warm,

The smells of incense and lavender that fill the hallways of my family home on a weekend visit,

A song that transports you to a happier time.

Spotting a bumble bee amongst the flowers, instead of crawling across the ground

is a rarity, isn't it?

The feeling of pride flowing through you after experiencing Black art that is

genuinely moving.

Blasting Countin’ Up from the car speakers for the fifth time in a row,

Quickly formed friendships in the crowd of music festivals, forged over herbal treats.

The group of high school kids, ever present at community meetings,

speaking out against injustice,

displaying the most courage I’ve ever seen

and restoring my hope in humanity.

The upbeat sounds of Anderson .Paak.

Screaming after my little sister as she bolts down the track, surpassing hurdle after hurdle

(First place again – period.)

Flower petals falling from the trees in full bloom.

The serenity that washes over me, as I sit mesmerized by videos of my favorite artists,

dancing across the screen in my apartment living room.

Sitting around with friends, exchanging stories, laughing until tears stream down our cheeks;

It’s the little things.

And when I think of these things; these moments, memories, and even imaginations:

I feel okay. I feel happy, I feel grateful, I feel optimistic. I feel balanced.