“Untitled.” Jessica Jackson, (2019).

March 30, 2021

[painting of Brent Faiyaz, "Sonder Son" by Jessica Jackson]

"I find it rare that we uplift Black artists through portraiture the same way we've uplifted so called 'white heroes' and ‘revolutionaries.' Through my work, it's been my personal mission to showcase Black artists in positions of power— especially in fine art, which has historically been a field dominated by white artists and white subject matter. My goal is to change that narrative. I wouldn't submit it to another outlet (a) because I believe in supporting my friends and their ventures, and (b) the platforms that you submit to say a lot about your work. While this painting is based off of Brent Faiyaz's "Sonder Son" album, I believe that his forward-looking glance can and should be interpreted as a nod towards the future rather than a glimpse at the past.”

IG: j.donatella