"Survival." Sage Forest, (2019).

January 27, 2020

"Survival looks likewaking up at 12pm,

after the sun has risen,

the flowers have bloomed,

and there’s nothing for me to do.

looks like cherry trees blossoming

in my grandmother’s backyard,

never sweet enough to pluck,

fall of the tree to rot before i get a taste

looks like addiction and wasted passion

looks like seeing my body in the mirror

and never being satisfied,

but eating anyway,

drinking anyway,

being anyway.

looks like mango juice dripping from my fingers

as i sit on the shore in my country

feeling both at home and removed.

looks like knowing what words i will speak to my children only ever in French,

because they don’t feel the same in my mouth in any other language,

even though i don’t know the language.

looks like running away to cities far from my own.

looks like the feeling when i return,

the feeling that i might not belong to any city, any place

rather that i belong to them all

leave a piece of my heart in other states, other countries

tattoo a moment, a feeling, on my body,

keep it forever.

looks like healing.

hurts like healing."

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Twitter: sageisaplant