"Mania, The Ride." LUNA, (2019).

March 30, 2021
"Mania, The Ride."

Due to art being a very personal practice for LUNA-- she hopes to captivate her viewers through the figurative expression of the human body and the subtle connotations of her own personal connections as both an artist, a LGBTQ+ woman, and as well as her journey of dealing with Bipolar disorder. Within the "fruit series" you can see the connection of the dismal state of isolation due to depression and the beauty that can easily hide the true meaning behind the something that goes unlooked unless told.

"Similar to how most things go my art was first for myself, and over time it became much more than that.

More often than not women are pressured into feeling guilty and ashamed for who they are and for what they're not. I find it almost necessary for women to understand that they've been seen. They have been seen as they are and that within every aspect of it contains beauty.  Although not all of what i create is geared towards this-- it's definitely a consistent objective.”

Portfolio: artbyluna-c.com
IG: lunaccy
Twitter: lunnaccy